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About the Leadership Team

The Lutheran Youth Leadership Team (LYLT) is comprised of youth typically in 8th-12th grade identified for their enthusiasm, character, leadership skills, and energy as they practice Christian Discipleship.

What does the LYLT do? 


The Leadership Team is responsible for the creation, planning, and execution of large-scale youth programs and events across WNY churches and ministries. This ranges from Lock-in's, LCLC Retreats, Mission Trips, and Service projects. The LYLT gets hands on leadership training while developing friendships and growing in their faith and discipleship. 


  • Engage Youth in every level of youth ministry. (Planning, promoting, approach, leadership, and service)

  • Increase reach of youth externally and help to grow numbers internally

  • Provide leadership training, empowerment, development, and engagement for team members

  • Maintain a youth centered approach. Offer younger kids spiritual mentors to grow into.


LYLT has four main Functions:


  1. Uphold the identified LY values in its programs, events, and ministries. (Love, Community, Action, and Joy)

  2. Plan and lead programs, worships, and events designed for youth.

  3. Promote relevant activities and ministries to the families and youth in their congregations and communities. (***Messenger Team Members main function)

  4. Help team members, alongside all participants, explore and strengthen their spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being through safe, accepting, and joy filled environments. 


To accomplish everything above, LYLT consists of 2 positions relating to the level of commitment and job:

1. Main/Core Leaders: Consists of approximately 10-15 youth. They serve as event Leaders in small groups. Attend monthly planning meetings + events. One youth to serve as Social Media Coordinator and another as LY Board Rep. 

2. Messengers. Ideally one youth 7th-12th grade from as many congregations as possible is represented within this facet of the LYLT. This begins with a training on how to discuss and promote events to youth, families, and congregations. Messengers serve as active leaders in their churches, youth groups, faith communities, etc… They work alongside their youth directors / pastors or be the main communication link.

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