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Magic The Gathering (Draft & Play)
Magic The Gathering (Draft & Play)
Apr 04, 2024, 6:00 PM
Clarence Center

Earth Day Lock-in

Celebrate Earth Day in a unique and memorable way with Lutheran Youth! This overnight experience is designed for youth in grades 6-12 who are passionate about nature, community, and exploring spirituality. We're gathering to play games, build community, and uplift our spirits by celebrating God's beautiful creation on Earth.

Our overnight adventure is packed with activities that blend fun, learning, and reflection. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve planned:

  • Deep Time Walk & Nature Hikes: Embark on a guided journey through the history of the Earth, where every step represents a significant event in our planet's life. These nature hikes will not only provide physical exercise but also a deeper appreciation for the wonders of creation.

  • Outdoor Picnic & Play: Enjoy a communal picnic outdoors surrounded by the beauty of nature. This will be a time for fellowship, laughter, and games galore!

  • Competitive Litter Scavenger Hunt: Engage in a friendly competition with a purpose. Participants will scour designated areas around the Niagara Gorge to collect litter, learning about the impact of waste on our environment while helping to clean up our community spaces.

  • Creation Station and Nature-Based Crafts: Unleash your creativity at our Creation Station, where you can create art inspired by the beauty of nature. These hands-on activities are designed to foster a deeper connection with the environment and our place within it.

  • Fun Community Together with Devotions Celebrating All of God’s Creation: Our community gatherings will include devotions and reflections that celebrate the wonders of God's creation, encouraging a spiritual connection to the Earth and each other.

This overnight event is more than just a gathering; it's an opportunity to grow in faith, stewardship, and appreciation for the natural world. Join us as we celebrate Earth Day, build lasting friendships, and create unforgettable memories, all while deepening our commitment to caring for God’s beautiful creation.

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Spring Retreat Post.png

1st Annual

Senior High Spring Retreat

Let's get groovy...

This weekend at LCLC is all about Love and Peace. As we spend time in communal living and have focused workshops and worships promoting the self-love and inner peace Christ teaches us and calls on us to share.

Come spend time together having fun, helping to better camp on work-weekend, and grab your best 70's outfit for a Saturday Night Disco!

Note: all Lutheran Youth WNY programs involving youth require all participants (youth and adult) to complete and submit a Registration Form.

At LY we believe that every youth is welcome and that anyone who wants to participate should be able to. If you are experiencing any difficulty with cost, transportation, or have further questions please reach out to us via email or phone.

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